Terms and Conditions

  • I certify that I am at least 21 years old, and by renting a cabin, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • I agree to receive emails and text messages from Shawnee Forest Cabins.
  • Cancellation Policy: I acknowledge and understand that Shawnee Forest Cabins does not accept cancellation or change requests via email or text messages. All cancellations or change requests must be made by calling (618) 751-9926 option 0.
  • Cancellation requests made 14+ days before my original date of arrival will result in a full refund minus a $50 per cabin or 3% cancellation/credit card processing fee (whichever is greater).
  • Cancellations or change requests made prior to 14+ days before my original date of arrival may either be refunded or applied to the balance of a future booking, minus a $50 cancellation/change fee per cabin.
  • If I cancel or change my reservation 3–14 days prior to my original date of arrival, I may apply my payment as a “credit,” minus a $50 cancellation or change fee per cabin, to a future reservation only if all of my original booking dates have been successfully re-booked by another guest.
  • The credit as referenced above will expire 6 months from the original check-in date, and any balance after credit is applied must be paid in full when booking new dates for a future booking. This reservation will be final, and no changes or refunds will be honored.
  • If all of the dates of the original booking do not get re-booked, I understand that I will lose my deposit or payment and will not be able to apply it to any future booking. No credit will be given to partial re-books.
  • I understand that if “no shows” or cancellations are made within 72 hours of the date of arrival, I will be responsible for the full amount of the reservation.
  • I further acknowledge that the remainder of my balance is due in full 14 days prior to check-in, and I authorize Shawnee Forest Properties, LLC, to run my credit card at this time.
  • I understand that the reserved dates were held for me, and therefore an early departure or a cancellation request within the 14-day period prior to my reservation will not result in an automatic refund.
  • A security deposit hold of $150 is required (“Security Deposit”) and will be automatically reserved for the booking.  The automatic reserve is conducted by putting a hold on the guest’s credit card for $150 prior to the arrival date.  The credit card from the last successful payment will be used.  If there are no successful credit card payments, it is the responsibility of the guest to send a check to the owner to satisfy the security deposit requirement.  If, at the end of the rental period, the rental property is returned undamaged beyond normal wear and tear, the security deposit will be released in full within days.  In the event of any damages, the owner will provide the guest with a full accounting of expenses incurred and deductions made from the security deposit.  Should the damages exceed the amount of the security deposit, the guest agrees to pay the balance within business days after receiving notification.  Deductions from the security deposit may include, but are not limited to: excess cleaning fee, hot tub draining and refilling fee, trash removal fee, missing item replacement costs, damaged item replacement or repair costs, repair costs of buildings or grounds, or other service call fees.  The owner is under no obligation to use the least expensive means of restoration.
  • I understand that I may check in to my cabin any time after 3 p.m. on the day of my reservation. This is through a self-check-in process, where I simply enter my 4-digit door code, which I will receive prior to my arrival via email.  If I would like to arrange for an early check-in (arriving any time after 1:30 pm and before 3pm), I understand there will be an early check-in charge of $30 charged to my credit card on file.
  • I acknowledge that I am paying a 50% deposit at the time of booking to confirm my reservation. The remainder of the balance will be due at least 14 days prior to check-in. If I make the reservation within 14 days of my check-in date, I understand that the 14-day cancellation policy has already passed, and I am therefore paying for my stay in full and fully understand that it is non-refundable.
  • I acknowledge that each additional guest over two is charged a $10 per person/night fee for a one treehouse cabin and a $10 per two-person/night fee for a two-bedroom cabin. I further agree that if my party exceeds the maximum number of guests allowed (1 bedroom cabins have a maximum adult capacity of 2, however, families may add an additional 2 children to this, for a maximum of 4; 2 bedroom cabins have a maximum occupancy of 6). If these maximum capacity requirements are not followed, my party will be asked to leave immediately, and a refund will not be issued. If the capacity exceedance is discovered after checking out, my credit card on file will be charged an amount equal to the cost of an additional cabin that should have been rented.
  • I acknowledge that there are no pets allowed on the property, and any offending person and their entire party will be removed from the property with no refund given. If I, or someone in my party, allows a dog or other pet into the cabins, I understand that a $250 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • In accordance with Illinois law, no smoking (cigarettes, vaping, or cannabis) is allowed in the cabins, and any offending person and their entire party will be removed from the property with no refund given. Feel free to smoke outside, but please use the ashtrays provided and do not let any smoke come into the cabins. I certify that if smoking occurs in the cabin, a $250 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • If a hot tub is provided at the cabin, it will be prepared and tested for proper and safe chemicals prior to or on the day of check-in. I understand that it is my responsibility to let management know if there are any issues (i.e., dirty hot tubs, jets not working, etc.) within 2 hours of check-in. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that all guests in my party wear appropriate swim attire and do not bring any foreign substance into the hot tub by any means. Misuse of the hot tub by adding any foreign substances, i.e., urine, soap, shampoo, oils, glass, or metal, will result in a service call charge at the sole discretion of management. If any foreign substance is found in the hot tub upon check-out, this will result in a minimum charge of $150–$300 to my credit card. By renting the cabins, I certify that I agree to these charges in advance. Pictures may be requested for proof if my credit card is charged. Under no circumstances are pets allowed in the hot tubs. Violation of this provision shall be grounds for expedited eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid, along with a $300 service call charge and deep cleaning fee.
  • I acknowledge that Shawnee Forest Properties, LLC (dba Shawnee Forest Cabins) and its management are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or lost or stolen personal property items incurred on the grounds or in their cabins.
  • I agree that any damaged, lost, or stolen items belonging to Shawnee Forest Properties, LLC (dba Shawnee Forest Cabins) while in my care are my responsibility and that I will be charged for the replacement or repair at management’s discretion based upon both the cost of materials and/or labor. This also applies to excessive cleaning fees for the cabin and hot tub. Furthermore, I acknowledge that the credit card on file will be charged for all costs to clean, repair and/or replace the item or items, and if payment via this method is not available, I agree to pay for all costs to repair and/or replace the item or items by another credit card or by certified funds. In the event of a collection action or other litigation is required to recover said costs, I further understand and agree to pay all costs of said action(s), including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and other related costs.
  • I acknowledge and hereby agree that I will abide by and perform the simple check-out procedures:
  • If these items are not completed, I agree to an additional cleaning fee being charged to the credit card on file. The minimum additional cleaning fee is $50 and will be assessed at the sole discretion of Shawnee Forest Properties, LLC management, based upon both the cost of materials and/or labor necessary given the condition of the unit.
  • I further understand that the check-out time is by 11 a.m. If I stay past 11 a.m. without written permission from Shawnee Forest Cabins, I agree to be charged $25 every 20 minutes past check-out time.
  • The quoted rates are subject to additional hotel taxes. 6% for the State of Illinois and 5% for the Hardin County hotel tax.
  • A two-night minimum stay is required, unless there is a single night available between bookings. If there is a single night’s stay available, I understand that I will have to call or email to override the two-night minimum stay built into the online system.
  • A cleaning fee of $25 per cabin will be charged on all reservations.
  • At the Shawnee Forest Cabins, seasonal rates may apply, and a nightly rate is up to 2 people. Each additional person will be charged $10 per person per night.

Why Us

The Shawnee Forest Cabins are the perfect cabins for any getaway trip to the Shawnee National Forest. The cabins are the closest cabins to one of the most photographed locations in the state, The Garden of the Gods, and are just down the road from the Rim Rock Hiking and Pounds Hollow Recreational & Swimming areas. The cabins offer many of the comforts found at home such as high speed internet access, smart and satellite televisions, full kitchens and baths along with luxuries such as air conditioning, fireplaces and hot tubs. Guests who are looking to relax, hike, bike, photograph, hunt, horseback ride and just want to get away make the Shawnee Forest Cabins their first choice when visiting the Shawnee National Forest.

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745 Garden of Gods Rd, Herod IL, 62947